Jewelry Brights With Julie

When I was really small, I always went to the garden to pick a flower for my mom on Mother's Day. But when I grew up, I decided that she should have a flower that would last
a little longer. Don't forget Mother's Day in May.


I am usually a creature of habit when it comes to all my jewelry, but lately, I have been drawn to use more of my nature pieces from the Flora collection, including these Flora Silver Pear Cut Flower Earrings. At the moment, you can get these with 40% off. I always wear my Sahara Silver Yellow Radiant Bracelet (you will never see me without it). My style is still somewhat romantic, feminine, and dainty, and then, of course, my earrings, which I love to make a statement with.

The right piece of bright shiny jewelry can add a finishing touch to a simple outfit or play off a colorfully patterned piece. I also love to wear my jewelry in a completely different shade for a striking contrast. Below are some of my favorites at the moment.

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